Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions. We'll be updating them as we receive more, so feel free to contact us.


  • Where is the community located? 2500 Peach Road is about 7 miles North of Big Sandy on Hwy 155, and 10 miles South of Gilmer also on Hwy 155.


  • What utilities are provided on each home lot? Water, septic, electricity, and Etex fiberoptic (internet, phone, & TV) are all run to each lot. The community shares a common water supply and is paid for by the community. Residents must set up accounts for electricity via Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative and internet/phone/TV via Etex.

  • Is the water city or well? City water (Prichett Water Supply) is plumbed to each lot. A well exists on the property to wash cars, bathe animals, and water the community garden plants.



  • Do you build any tiny homes? No, we don't build or rent out any tiny homes. We provide lots with utilities that you can bring you and your tiny home to live on. All homes must be 399 square feet or less.

  • Are there restrictions on the type of materials that your tiny home have to be built out of? No material restrictions.

  • Are there restrictions on the size of dog/pet that you have?  There is no restriction on the size. All dogs must be met and approved by management prior to acceptance and no more than 3 pets per home. No aggressive pets please. 


  • Where can you buy a tiny home? There are multiple builders, each with several floorplans to consider. Visit our Home Builders page for some recommended builders. We will continue adding builders as we learn of them and can verify their quality.

  • How long does it take to build a tiny home? A typical home can be built in 6-8 weeks. Some builders have completed homes in their inventory for immediate purchase. 


  • How long are lease agreements? Typical leases are 12 months. Shorter term leases are available upon request, though keep in mind most tiny homes are not mobile like an RV.

  • Can I reserve my lot while my home is being built? Yes, we will hold lot reservations for 2 months with one month's down payment. Contact us to discuss options to extend the reservation duration.

  • When are the lots available to move onto? As of our Grand Opening on 11/21, all lots are available for lease! The Lot Listings page shows a map of all lots with a note for any that are currently reserved. Please contact us at support@winzighaventexas.com, 682-472-2134, or stop by the community to discuss your future at Winzig Haven with our Property Manager, Sharon Guthrie!